bowenwork renews your body's capacity for self-healing

Chronic pain and movement limitation mean that you enjoy your life less. Your initial structural assessment will show where the body's imbalances, restrictions and limitations are. We help initiate your body's innate healing response to release these restrictions and imbalances that contribute to your immobility and pain so you can live your fullest vibrant healthy life.

powerful deep relaxation

Bowenwork Therapy and pain recovery Clinic

Quality of Life Improvement

This gentle manual touch is so non-invasive, that it is not uncommon for

clients to fall asleep during treatment. Employing this powerful deep

relaxation response assists the body's healing ability, allowing a reset that  interrupts dysfunctional muscle patterns caused by strain, overuse, and trauma providing a deep sense of relief and letting go. The depth of the relaxation is profound offering relief from anxiety, insomnia, and stress.